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Emily Walter

Emily Walter has over 15 years of experience in facilitating small and large groups of young and old through retreats, camps and leadership training days. Her passion for percussion was born when she found a drumming group in Balnarring and was blown away by its ability to draw people out and lift up a group of relative strangers; she witnessed a higher connection built through rhythm in the moment and the transformative experience of self expression both on a personal and community level.

Emily eventually found herself on a drumming tour in West Africa where she and a group of other enthusiastic percussionists were trained by drumming and dance masters and lead to a place of complete awe and humility at the incredible power of rhythm in community.

Working and volunteering for years in the disability sector, Emily now also sees the great potential for sharing her passion for percussion with people who have all ranges of abilities as it is such an accessible pursuit with an incredibly quick turnaround in terms of personal satisfaction and achievement.