BoomShop drumming can cater to a whole range of community, school and corporate groups- anywhere that people gather, a group can be transformed through the power of the drums and addictive rhythmic fun!

  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Disability Support Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Staff Training Days
  • Corporate Groups
  • Hen’s Days
  • Children’s Birthday Parties

Drumming in the Park

How it all works

Within 10 mins of sitting down at the drums, Emily will have the group playing as one, creating not just noise but energising rhythms. Walking through the basics of how to hit the drum, but not getting too stuck into higher level techniques or critiques, a Boomshop Drumming workshop is more about joy and expression both as an individual and a group than about perfecting form. People are quite often concerned about ‘not being musical’ at all and feel this will hinder their experience. It is a great breakthrough then when they realise that drumming is not about being a musician as such, but more about expressing a force and a feeling within. When everyone joins together in this, it is a powerful connective experience!
On a much simpler level too, drumming is as fun and addictive as it is cathartic and deeply satisfying.

A typical workshop will entail a short introduction into how to hold and how to hit the drum to get the best sound. This will be followed by a few lively warm up activities to find the flow. Depending on the nature and age of the group then we will either get stuck into song, learning the different parts in order to all play together as one with the various rhythms syncing in to each other; or we will continue on with some more rhythm games and activities. Emily has a big bag of tricks to keep things flowing for the younger ages and understands the importance of keeping things fresh.
Patience and simplicity are key factors, but so too is engaging enthusiasm!

Scout Troops

Community Groups

Get your group laughing, moving and feeling alive! Whatever your occasion, be it a birthday party, a scout or girl guide gathering, a community market, a youth group celebration or just a sunny afternoon session with some friends, a drumming workshop can add a spark to your day and forge a lasting bond that will resonate long after the drums have been put away.



Group drumming is unifying, energising and so much fun. "I can't drum" is too commonly stated, but in actual fact, most people are surprised by what can actually be achieved- both on an individual and on a group level. The power of multiple drums and synchronising rhythms is undeniable- it lifts spirits and is the ultimate mindful activity, for students and teachers alike!


Hen's Days

Hen's Party

Sick of phallic straws and truth or dare?

Choose a unique and fun way to celebrate and bond with your friends at your Hen's Day! Express that pre-wedding excitement by hitting some djembes and dancing it out. Boomshop will bring the drums wherever you choose!

Hen's Days



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